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Free Teacher Workshop -

Exploring Humanitarian Law 

EHLThe Tanner Center invites all Utah School Teachers to attend. Teachers will receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs).



Bring Complex Issues to Life in the Classroom

We are exposed to war in the news media each day, but few of us understand the challenges on the ground or how we can make a difference forvulnerable people in conflict zones.
The Exploring Humanitarian Law (EHL) program offers high-quality materials to help teachers connect real-world events to the classroom. The program offers interesting and flexible resources that fit into existing lesson plans.

Professional Development

Exploring Humanitarian Law professional development trainings offer teachers the ability to learn how to best fit EHL resources into classes while earning Continuing Education Units at the same time.

The American Red Cross is an authorized provider of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). 

 This workshop will provide incredible resources and employs participative and interactive modules for teaching students about the challenges people and places face that are brought about by war and civil unrest. All teaching modules are high quality, hands on and push students to engage in critical thinking.  Each module is complete with all the resources you need to implement it.  The course is FREE and so are the materials, which can easily be integrated into existing curriculum.  Modules are designed for secondary students, but can be modified for  elementary grades.

The learning materials are based on real-life situations and show how IHL aims to protect life and human dignity during armed conflict and to prevent or reduce the suffering and the devastation caused by war. By studying situations involving actual people – their behavior and the dilemmas that they often have to face – participants develop a new perspective and begin to understand the need for rules during war as well as the complexity of their application. By enhancing life skills and by building on concepts such as ‘human dignity’ and ‘humanitarian act,’ it helps to foster the development of a humanitarian perspective.

 When: Wednesday, June 24, 9am-1pm LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED

Where: Orson Spencer Hall, Room 216, University of Utah, 260 South Central Campus Drive, Salt Lake City

Cost: FREE

To register and for more information, go to OnTrack and register for Course # 62126 and section 73935.  Please put the course number in the search bar and scroll down to find the workshop.









In a world wracked by hostility and violence, the Tanner Center is dedicated to providing University of Utah students, faculty and the broader community with the inspiration and education needed to become advocates for peace, nonviolence, and human rights. The center seeks to provide avenues for the open discussion of important issues dividing the community, the nation, and the world.


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