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Tanner Center Publications

2013 - From the Religion, Conflict and Peacemaking Conference


Schmid, ed., Religion, Conflict, and Peacemaking: An Interdisciplinary Conversation. University of Utah Press, 2018.

2011 - From the Water Conflict and Human Rights Conference

Report contribution

Participants in our 2011 conference on “Water, Conflict, and Human Rights” later collaborated on a chapter to be included in the United Nations Environment Programme Global Environment Outlook 5 (GEO-5) Assessment Report.  This collaboration is a direct result of interaction and discussion at our conference.

2010 - From the Controlling Sexuality Through Violence, Shame, and Cultural Oppression Conference


Maloney and Korinek, eds., Migration in the 21st Century: Rights, Outcomes, and Policy. Routledge, 2010.


Our conference on migration helped to establish a working group that included economists, sociologists, and political scientists. That group subsequently received a $240,000 grant from the Russell Sage Foundation to study “Undocumented Immigrant Integration.”

Journal articles

That grant in turn supported the publication of an edited volume based on revisions of conference presentations, peer reviewed publications in journals as varied as Economics and Human Biology, the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, International Migration, and Sociological Forum,  and numerous conference presentations and local lectures.

2009 - From the Evolution of Human Aggression Conference

Journal article

A special issue of the journal Human Nature (23:1, March 2012).  The issue was edited by conference organizers Elizabeth Cashdan (Anthropology) and Stephen Downes (Philosophy).

Inter-college initiative

This conference also stimulated the development of an inter-college initiative in Integrative Human Biology (IHB), which now offers a minor program for University of Utah students.  The coverage of this conference in Scientific American (“Taming Humanity’s Urge to War,” May 2009, is also noteworthy.

2008 - From the Migration Rights and Identities Conference


Karawan, McCormack, and Reynolds, ed., Values and Violence: Intangible Aspects of Terrorism. Springer, 2008.


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