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K-12 Educational Outreach Programs


Human Rights For Everyone, Everywhere

Every person has the same human rights simply because we are all human beings.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) sets the standard for civil societies to follow for the full development of individuals and communities. Based on this document, the Human Rights For Everyone, Everywhere outreach program empowers teachers and students with the skills and attitudes needed to promote equality, dignity and respect for self and others in communities, societies, and worldwide. Learn more about the Human Rights For Everyone, Everywhere outreach program.


Exploring Humanitarian Law

Free to educators, this annual workshop helps bring the concepts of human rights during war time to life. The Red Cross, Exploring Humanitarian Law teacher workshop explores the ethical and humanitarian issues arising from armed conflict. By studying the behavior of actual persons and the dilemmas they experience, educators can help young people develop a fresh perspective and begin to understand human dignity, the need for rules during war and the complexity of their application. Learn more about the Exploring Humanitarian Law (EHL) Teacher Workshop.

Last Updated: 3/31/21