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K-12 Educational Outreach Program

Each year the Barbara and Norman Tanner Center for Human Rights teams with several local advocacy organizations to encourage local youth to effectively involve themselves in community betterment and to offer professional development to area teachers. The Tanner Center has  teamed with the American Red Cross to offer Utah’s Jr. High and High School teachers professional development training in Exploring Humanitarian Law (EHL).

The EHL program provides an adaptable, easy-to-use toolkit empowering educators with the tools and materials needed for introducing students to issues of international humanitarian law, the rules that ensure respect for life and human dignity in war. The toolkit offers educators high-quality materials, including news accounts, photos, letters, videos, case studies and interactive projects bring real events and people to life, helping teachers connect lessons of the past with events of today. 

Each June, the Center offers a one day training for educators interested in bringing the EHL program to their students. Please visit our calendar for details on our next workshop.

The Center is continually working on program development, and is currently developing new programs to be implemented at the primary school level. In particular, the Barbara and Norman Tanner Center for Human Rights strives to build bridges between the University of Utah, the community, and the primary and secondary schools within our state. 


The Tanner Center will be holding workshops for junior high and high school teachers regarding Exploring Humanitarian Law in June.

Exploring Humanitarian Law

Last Updated: 12/24/18