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2008 Forum

MIGRATION, RIGHTS AND IDENTITIES: Examining the Range of Local and Global Needs

February 28-29, 2008

This 2008 conference featuring invited guest speakers from around the country and Canada examined the realities of human migration and its global implications. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the two-day event featured leading scholars and community leaders addressing issues such as:

  • Coerced versus voluntary migration

  • Structural bases for migration

  • Tensions between migrating groups and host communities

  • Restrictions on immigration

  • National security and handling migration-related violence

  • Migration's effects on individuals and groups

  • Questions of identity in foreign environments

  • Public perception surrounding migration and migrating groups

  • Challenges of and opportunities for migration

  • The rights of migrating groups and the rights of the communities they join

Recall the open and illuminating discussion about one of the most pressing set of issues facing the world today.

Conference Agenda and Videos

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