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Attention students! 

Are you interested in expanding your human rights awareness? Do you find yourself wanting to be a human rights advocate? Now is the perfect time to join the University of Utah's  Amnesty International chapter.

We are looking for officers (President, Vice President and Treasurer)  to lead our 2020 -2021 AI Chapter. Please email us  if you are interested.

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Our vision is of a world in which every person - regardless of race, religion, gender, or ethnicity - enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards. Learn more about Amnesty USA

We are a student group focused on raising awareness of, and dedicated to, promoting human rights advocacy. We engage the University of Utah campus with local, national, and international human rights issues through the framework of Amnesty International. Chapter members collaborate with University entities and engage students in bringing human rights events, including Amnesty's global letter writing campaign, Write for Rights, to our campus and to the broader community.

Take a look at the Amnesty International Student Group Starter Kit and get involved!


Your Voice Matters!

Write for Rights

The Tanner Center for Human Rights is the sponsoring unit for Amnesty International's (AI) University of Utah Chapter. Each December, the Center partners with the University of Utah's AI Chapter to bring the world's largest human rights letter writing campaign, Write for Rights, to the University campus. You'll see us at different locations on campus for three days of human rights advocacy. We bring all materials needed for students, faculty, and staff to join in writing letters to government officials around the world on behalf of people who need help urgently. 

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Attention Educators!  

Are you interested in bringing inspiring, interactive human rights lessons to your curriculum?  Would you like to empower your students with tools to understand and promote human rights on a local, national, and international level? We'd love to bring our outreach program Human Rights for Everyone, Everywhere to your classroom. For information on these sessions and to learn about participating in Write for Rights please send an email to

In January the Center's outreach program offers local high school teachers and their students an opportunity to take part in the Write for Rights campaign. In these classroom sessions, students learn about the positive impact they have when they choose to stand up and advocate for people who are experiencing human rights abuses. Using featured Amnesty International cases, the students learn new writing skills while gaining an appreciation for activism.

Interested in scheduling  your own Write for Rights table event?

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Last Updated: 3/31/21