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Mini Exploring Humanitarian Law (EHL) Teacher Workshop

 Re-licensure Points Available 

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FREE workshop, FREE materials, FREE lunch, and FREE parking  

This workshop will cap at 50 participants.

We invite all Utah school teachers of grades 7-12 to attend these annual teacher-training workshops.

Professional Development Tools for Teachers

Each June, the Tanner Center for Human Rights teams up with the American Red Cross offering a one day teacher-training workshop for educators interested in bringing the EHL program to their students while earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The most effective way to learn how to teach EHL is to participate in our annual teacher- training workshops.

This program provides an adaptable, easy-to-use toolkit complete with the tools and materials needed for introducing students to issues of international humanitarian law, the rules that ensure respect for life and human dignity in war. In this workshop, teachers practice techniques for engaging students in deeper critical thinking.

Learn How to Bring Complex Issues to Life in the Classroom

  • This workshop employs participative and interactive modules for teaching students about the challenges people face in places experiencing  war and civil unrest. All teaching modules are hands on and each module is complete with all the resources needed to implement the lessons.  The course is free and so are the materials, which can easily be integrated into existing curriculum.  Modules are designed for secondary students, but can be modified for upper elementary grades.
  • The learning materials are based on real-life situations and show how humanitarian law aims to protect life and to prevent or reduce the suffering and the devastation caused by war. By studying situations involving actual people, participants develop a new perspective and begin to understand the need for rules during war as well as the complexity of their application. By enhancing life skills and by building on concepts such as ‘human dignity’ and ‘humanitarian act,’ these workshops help teachers and students to foster the development of a humanitarian perspective.
Last Updated: 3/31/21