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Human Rights For Everyone, Everywhere

East High Youth

About the Outreach Program

Become a human rights hero with the Tanner Center for Human Rights student outreach program, Human Rights For Everyone, Everywhere. This one-day session is designed to educate and inspire teachers and students to become valuable advocates for tolerance and peace. 

With a focus on the 
Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and Amnesty International, our classroom visits provide a broad perspective on human rights issues and offer the opportunity to open young people’s minds to global concerns. Our program: 

  • Supports teachers' curriculum, empowers students, and helps individuals gain the knowledge and develop  skills and values that will aid them in being an advocate for human rights. Introduces students to UDHR, the history of human rights as we know it, Amnesty International, the Write for Rights (W4R) global letter writing campaign, and careers in human rights.
  • Enables students to make connections to values articulated in the declaration—open society, democracy, inclusivity, equality, tolerance, diversity, respect and safety—putting its principles to good use and join in speaking up for those  who are in need of help.
  • Introduces and engages students in writing persuasive letters to help end human rights violations and achieve justice, contribute to the international human rights movement and see for themselves how words can make a difference in the world.
  • Includes an UDHR booklet for each teacher and student.

This program fits well with courses in Social Studies, Political Science, World Civilizations, Psychology, History, Peace Studies, and Human Geography. If you are interested in bringing Human Rights, For Everyone, Everywhere to your students contact us today.

 Teacher Workshop - Exploring Humanitarian Law (EHL)


Last Updated: 3/31/21