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We are deeply grateful for your generosity and support of our mission.

Our Mission Statement

To encourage University of Utah students, faculty, staff and local community members to seek a life of human rights advocacy and peacemaking through inspiration, education, and participation

  • To inspire by presenting the attainment of peace, nonviolence, and human rights as ethical, rational and essential.
  • To affirm peace, nonviolence, productive conflict resolution, and human rights as both the process and the product of our efforts.
  • To educate by providing an array of academic programs for students, campus and community forums, faculty and graduate student research symposia, secondary and primary school outreach, and relevant resource materials.
  • To provide internships, field experiences, and student engagement in the design and conduct of workshops and projects.
  • To collaborate with related groups and organizations in Utah and beyond.
  • To continue meeting the challenges of an ever-changing world with innovative ideas in education and participation to foster nonviolent human rights advocacy.
Last Updated: 3/31/21