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2008 Forum Videos

MIGRATION, RIGHTS, & IDENTITIES: Examining the Range of Rural and Local Goals

Thursday, February 28

Welcome and Preliminaries

Steve Ott, George Cheney, Aleta TewPanel:Conceptions, Categories and Definitions

The Rights of Aliens in International Law: An Historical Overview
Tony Anghie, Law

Migration, Human Rights, and Shared Citizenship
Deen Chatterjee, Philosophy

Shedding Light on a Shadowy Existence: From Illegal to Undocumented to Documented to?
Ken Jameson, Economics, & Julie Stewart, Sociology

Legal Regimes Affecting Migration
Wayne McCormack, Law

Moderator: Erika George, Law

Guest Scholars

International Migration in the New Millennium: Who Migrates and Why?
Richard Bilsborrow, Carolina Population Center, UNC-Chapel Hill

To Welcome the Stranger: Realities and Misconceptions about Immigration to the U.S
Patricia Fernandez-Kelly, Sociology, Princeton

Moderator: Kim Korinek, Sociology

Keynote Address: The Great Immigration Debate: Facts and Fictions, Ideals and Illusions

Seyla Benhabib, Philosophy, Yale


Panel: Reasons, Causes and Patterns

Social, Political and Economic Impact of Migration: Variance of Remittance Effects in Latin American Countries
Isabel Dulfano, Languages & Literatures

Immigration of People and Ideas in the Arab World
Ibrahim Karawan, Political Science, & Mahmoud Hamad, Political Science

Undocumented Immigrants in Utah as Observed in the Utah Population Data Base: Demographics, Residence, and Geographic Mobility
Tom Maloney, Economics, & Tom Kontuly, Geography

What War is Good For: Exploring the Development of Social, Political and Human Capital of War Refugees
Julie Stewart, Sociology

Moderator: Garth Mangum, Economics

Panel: Experiences, Effects, and Implications

How Should Corporate Social Responsibility Address Human Labor Migration and Human Rights, Especially in Light of Trend in Corporate Globalization?
Esther Agyeman-Budu, Communication Studies, Kent State University, Erin Ortiz & George Cheney, Communication

Collective Identity and Everyday Discrimination among Bosnian Refugee Youth
Monisha Pasupathi and Cecilia Wainryb, Psychology

Distinctions in National Identity and the Immigration Problem: Nationalism, Construal of Identity, and Emotional Prejudice Toward Immigrants
Ben Peterson, Psychology

International Migration and Human Development: A Cross-National Analysis of Developing Countries
Matt Sanderson and Jeff Kentor, Sociology

Personal, Social, and Ecological Factors of Loneliness and Life Satisfaction among Rural-Urban Migrants in Shanghai, China
Ming Wen, Sociology, and Guixin Wang, Fudan University, China

Moderator: Johanna Watzinger-Tharp, Linguistics

Friday, February 29, 2008

Panel: Security Implications

The Spillover Effect: Homeland Conflicts and Canada's Migrant Communities
Stewart Bell, National Post, Canada

Terrorist Radicalization in the Diaspora
Kim Cragin, RAND, Washington, D.C.

Migrants, Migrant Communities, Social Capital and Violence
Ben Judkins, Political Science, & Steve Reynolds, Economics

Moderator: Bruce Hoffman, Georgetown University and IPIA, University of Utah

Guest Scholars

Bridging Multiple Worlds: Cultures, Immigrant Youth Identities, and Pathways to College
Catherine Cooper, Psychology and Education, UC-Sanata Cruz

Home but Far Away from Home: The Case of Utah Refugees
Macleans Geo Ja-Ja, Economics and Education, BYU

Moderator: Monisha Pasupathi, Psychology

Keynote Address: Bridging the Gap: Ethnic Organizations and the Political Incorporation Process of Immigrants in the United States

Alejandro Portes, Sociology, Princeton

Community Panel

Aden Batar: Refugee Resettlement Director, Catholic Community Services

Agnes Chiao: Community Impact Manager, United Way

Bart Hill: Director of LDS Humanitarian Center, Deseret Industries

Elissa McConkie: Program Specialist, International Rescue Committee

Alice Steiner: Co-President, League of Women's Voters

Moderators: Julie Stewart, Sociology, and Bishop John Wester, Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City

Wrap-up Discussion of Policy Implications for All Sectors Participants

Moderators: Ken Jameson, Economics, and Cecilia Wainryb, Psychology


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