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Panel Presenters

Conflict and conflict resolution in great apes: This session will explore power, interpersonal violence, coalitional violence, and reconciliation in our closest primate cousins. Speakers and discussants in the session include:/p> Frans De Waal
Richard Wrangham
Joan Silk
Michael Plavcan

Coalitionary violence and warfare: This session focuses on raiding and warfare cross-culturally. What factors (cultural and environmental) favor coalitionary violence? How can we explain behavior that may be beneficial for the group but costly for participating individuals? These and related questions will be discussed by:

Patricia Lambert
Pauline Wiessner
Steven Pinker
Peter Turchin
Dominic Johnson
Richard Wrangham

Hormones and human dominance and aggression: Aggressive behavior is modulated by hormones. The literature shows that testosterone and its relationship to dominance and aggression is context-sensitive, affected by threat, competition, group stability, marriage, and childbearing. This session will consider how evolution has shaped these hormonal responses. Speakers and discussants in this session include:

John Archer
Aaron Sell
Mark Flinn


Last Updated: 3/31/21