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2009 Forum Videos

Evolution of Human Aggression Conference Videos 2009

Wednesday, February 25

Opening Keynote Address:

Destined to Wage War Forever? The Evolution of Peacemaking among Primates
Frans deWaal, Emory University

Thursday, February 26

Openning Panel: Conflict and Conflict Resolution among Great Apes

The Imbalance-of-Power Hypothesis and the Evolution of War
Richard Wrangham, Harvard University

Evolutionary perspectives on Conflict Resolution
Joan Silk, University of California, Los Angeles

Part II: Conflict and Conflict Resolution among Great Apes

Chimpanzee Politics: Pacifying Interventions and Reconciliation
Frans deWaal, Emory University

Sexual Dimorphism and Aggression in Primates: Just Where Do Humans Fit in?
Mike Plavcan, University of Arkansas

Keynote Lecture:

Nothing to Lose? Economic Inequality, Poor Life Prospects, and Lethal Competition
Martin Daly & Margo Wilson, McMaster University, Canada

Panel: Coalitionary Violence and Warfare

A History of Violence
Steven Pinker, Harvard University

Americans at War: Evolutionary Perspectives on an Age-Old Story
Patricia Lambert, Utah State University

Male Hierarchies, Parent-Offspring Conflict, and Warfare in Papua New Guinea
Polly Wiessner, The University of Utah

Part II: Coalitionary Violence and Warfare

Warfare and Human UltrasocialityY
Peter Turchyin, University of Connecticut

From Lab to War: The Role of Biology and Psyhology in Political Aggression
Dominic Johnson, University of Edinburgh, UK

Disscussant: Richard Wrangham


Friday, February 27

Welcome and Recap

Panel: Hormones and Human Dominance and Aggression

The Challenge of Testosterone
John Archer, University of Central Lancashire, UK

Oontogeney of Hormonal Mechanisms for Male Coalitionary Aggression
Mark Flinn, University of Missouri-Columbia

The Role of Physical Strengths in Anger and Anger Expressions
Aaron Sell, University of California, Santa Barbara

Panel: Domestic Violence, with Emphasis on Spousal/Partner Relationships

An Evolutionary Perspective on Family Violence
John Archer, University of Central Lancashire, UK

Men's Proprietary View of their Romantic Partners is Respective to Sexuality: An Expiremental Study
Aaron Goetz, California State University, Fullerton

Hurting the Ones We Love: The Features and Functions of Aggressive Punishments in Close Relationships
Julie Fitness, Macquarie University, Australia

Panel: Further Discussion of Domestic Violence, with Emphasis on Parent-Child Relationships

Violence Against Stepchildren: The Evidence and Its Discontents
Margo Wilson & Martin Daly, McMaster University, Canada

Hormonal Responses to Domestic Violence
Mark Flinn, University of Missouri-Columbia

Roundtable Discussion

Moderator: Sarah Hardy, University of California, Davis


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