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2007 Forum Videos

Values & Violence: Intangible Aspects of Terrorism Agenda

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Confronting Terrorism: Toward a Liberal Grand Strategy
Tom Farer, University of Denver

Panel: Value Systems That Correlate with Terrorist Actions

Knowing the Enemy
Mary Habeck (unable to attend), Johns Hopkins University

Value choices in the struggle with terrorism
Wayne McCormack | Deen Chatterjee, The University of Utah

Ethnicity and Indoctrination for Violence
Frank Salter, Max Planck Society, Andechs, Germany

Female Terrorists
Marilyn Friedman, Washington University

Panel: Values Influencing The Likelihood And Impact Of Potential Threats

Some Reflections On Conflict And Democracy
Akeel Bilgrami, Columbia University

Violent And Nonviolent Responses To State Failure: Papua New Guinea And Ecuador
Ken Jameson | Polly Wiessner, The University Of Utah

Terrorist Networks In Social And Geographical Space
George Hepner | Richard Medina, The University Of Utah

Beyond Post-Traumatic Stress: Pressing Questions About The Psychological Impact Of Political Violence On Children
Cecilia Wainryb | Monisha Pasupathi, The University Of Utah

Lecture: The Clash Within: The Hindu Right And Democratic Values

Martha Nussbaum, University Of Chicago Law School


Friday, March 2, 2007

Panel: Values Influencing Policy Options For Containing Terrorism

Old Vs. New Terrorism
Martha Crenshaw, Wesleyan University

Critique Of The "War On Terror"
Steven Simon, Council On Foreign Relations

Panel: Values Influencing Policy Options For Containing Terrorism Part 2

Ideas As Weapons: Militant Islamist Groups In Egypt
Ibrahim Karawan, The University Of Utah

Terrorism: Reflections On Legitimacy And Policy Considerations
M. Cherif Bassiouni, Depaul University College Of Law

Globalization, Social Capital And Networked Violence: The Role Of Values

Benjamin Judkins | Stephen Reynolds, The University Of Utah

Lecture: Violence In Identity

Amartya K. Sen, Harvard University: Nobel Laureate

Panel: Concluding Panel Discussion On Policy Implications: Enforcement & Human Dignity - Does Violence Work And At What Cost?

Deen Chatterjee, The University Of Utah
Martha Crenshaw, Wesleyan University

Amos N. Guiora, Institute For Global Security Law And Policy Case Law School
Bruce Hoffman, Georgetown University

Ibrahim Karawan | Wayne Mccormack, The University Of Utah


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